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Boats 21 October 2023

What to Know About Renting a Boat in Ibiza

No Mediterranean itinerary should be without boat hire, especially not in Ibiza where the sea is all shades of turquoise. Being on the water stirs the soul. Win at well-being, or continue the party at sea, with a properly planned boat day—thanks to our fleet and nautical network, the spectrum for Ibiza boat days can range from a short excursion to a full-blown aquatic adventure. 

A rental gets you the boat alone (you pack the goggles and you steer the ship) but a charter gets you a vessel with a captain. Interested in a superyacht? One can be arranged. Whizz us a message and we’ll create a bespoke itinerary that you and your crew members will talk about for years, including pick-up, drop-off and on-board extras. Memorable moments, from intimate proposals to lucrative business deals closing, have taken place on board—just have a little Faith and you’ll experience great things!

If you’re just here for the research, let us share a couple of things to know about renting a boat in Ibiza.

Why is renting a boat non-negotiable for Ibiza itineraries?

The sea here owes its sparkle to Posidonia Oceanica: a special seagrass that’s exclusive to the Med, filtering and oxygenating the water while supporting our marine ecosystem. Doing its best work around Ibiza and Formentera, this magical plant is the reason why the water is practically transparent—so dive in! Sea creatures thrive underwater thanks to this stuff, happy to give you a tour of their home.

How do I choose which boat to rent in Ibiza?

Sailboating is a quintessential Mediterranean experience. Unlike chartering a boat, you’ll really feel the ocean breeze in your hair and the salty seawater on your skin. Powered by wind and sails, they’re far more fuel-efficient than other vessels as they’re designed with just one diesel engine. It can often evoke emotion, which is why some find it rather romantic.

Those with their sights set on exploring should opt for a motor yacht. Sleek and speedy, you can cut through water smoothly and hop from place to place with ease.

Unlike its single-hulled counterpart, a catamaran has two hulls—this means increased stability that can dispel seasickness and navigate choppy waves. You also get a lot of extra space, so you can spread out comfortably.

What will a boat day in Ibiza look like?

Our Ibiza charters typically last around eight hours—longer at the captain’s discretion. By law, a 12-person max capacity applies to every commercial boat (including crew members) unless the vessel is stationary. This creates an opportunity for extra fun. Take two two boats in tandem and anchor simultaneously as you’ll be free to swap between both. An oceanic playground.

Beach clubs Blue Marlin and Cala Bassa feel like chic options for a late lunch, or you can leave one paradise for another and travel to Formentera. It’s Ibiza’s little sister island at the end of a lovely cove-filled route. Feast on paella at Beso Beach, with sangria-fuelled breaks to dance on tables, or go with the flow at Chezz Gerdi where the vibe is cool and chill. Order cocktails at the bar and tell them to keep the pizza coming.

For experienced divers and thrill-seekers, one of the island’s best-kept secrets lies halfway between San Antonio and Port de Sant Miquel: an area of coastline called Cap D’Albarca. Many years ago, a surrounding clifftop roof fell through, leaving behind a hole that stares down at a 10m-wide pool of scintillating, aquamarine water sealed off from the ocean. Here lies a glimmering gem in the Med, known as La Cueva De La Luz (The Cave of Light). Water from the sea enters via an underwater gallery, forming a natural swimming pool illuminated by the sunlight’s reflections.

We recommend taking a speedboat here, bracing yourself and jumping in. Amateurs beware, the Cave of Light is not for the faint of heart.

4-hour excursions are also an option, so could spend your morning snorkelling using the on-board equipment. On our late afternoon charters, your complimentary drinks and the sky’s changing light will lift your endorphins. Follow the call of the sirens and take the West Coast route Es Vedrà—an enigmatic islet and once a land of sailor-cursing mermaids, according to tales. Some say it’s the birthplace of Ibiza’s Goddess Tanit and others believe it’s the sunken tip of the Lost City Atlantis.

How much does an Ibiza boat rental cost?

Prices vary depending on the type and design of your boat, the number of crew members, and which part of the season you’re in. Our fleet includes everything you need to have a wholesome experience in the middle of the Med.

We have a 13m boat, with a small cabin, that can hold up to 11 people. It’s priced at €1499 in the low season and €2299 during the high season, with a €320 fuel cost.

Between 10 passengers that works out as €181.90pp (low season) and €254.90pp (high season) including a bottle of rosé, a bottle of white wine, 14 Beers, 18 Soft drinks, 2 bottles of cava, ice, snacks, water, a paddle board and snorkelling equipment.

You might take our 28m luxury motor yacht, which fits up to 12 people and comes with four cabins. It’s priced at €9799 in the low season and €12, 699 during the high season, with a €2100 fuel cost.

Between 11 passengers that equates to €1081.72pp (low season) and €1345.36pp (high season) including beers, cava, champagne, fruit, rosé wine, snacks, soft drinks, water, white wine, paddleboards, snorkelling equipment and a seabob.

What’s included in an Ibiza charter?

All of our charters are stocked with complimentary drinks and snorkelling gear, and some come with extras including light snacks, speakers, and watersport equipment. We can always arrange add-ons at an extra cost, from paddleboards and Seabobs (a high-end, underwater scooter) to jetskis and canoes. Unbox charcuterie and mezze graze boards to snack on or enjoy food made fresh with your own onboard chef.

For those who want more, we can arrange DJs, photographers, beauty therapists or even a tarot card reader. You can task us with creating a blowout bachelor boat experience or arranging a literary-worthy proposal. We invite you to discover the best of what Ibiza life has to offer.

Nautical Glossary:

Cabin: A room inside a boat, which can be the interior or a room for sleeping
Charter: boat hire with drinks and a skipper
Dock: a structure that allows a boat to moor
Hull: The frame or body of a boat
Skipper: The captain and quite often your very own tour guide for the day, armed with plenty of handy info like the best places to swim
Tender: A small boat that comes with a large boat, helping out by transporting passengers to shore